Sunday, 17 June 2012

Give me some Citizens Arrest

My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I heard about a new Citizens Arrest 7" coming out in 2012. I mean, seriously? I had no idea these dudes had got back together and recorded some new material. So when I saw that this thing was up for pre-order I jumped on it right away. Excited? You bet.

So here it is. Citizens Arrest 2012. This new record is called 'Soaked In Others Blood' and was released by Painkiller Records. I was lucky (or early) enough to get one of the red vinyl copies.

Interestingly, this features the original line-up back together, including Ted Leo, although this time around he's on second guitar rather than vocals.

My feelings on this are mixed. I mean, I love the original CXA 7", but was never overly psyched on the LP. I'm guessing my opinion mirrors that of most people. This 7" sounds way closer to the LP than the first 7". I mean, it's kinda ok in it's own right, but just knowing that this is the same band that gave us that legendary 7" twenty two years ago, it ultimately disappoints. I guess it's all about expectations. No doubt if these same songs came on a record with a different band name on the front, I would have been well into this. You know how it is though. You can't always have it both ways.

So when I picked this up I also picked up the standard black vinyl pressing of the last Give 7" that Painkiller also put out. I can't get enough of Give right now, which means I must buy all pressings of all records. This is just another one crossed off the list.

Of all the Give 7"s, I think this one has the best cover. The green colour looks great. Oh for the limited tour cover version...


Mike said...

I bid on two of the limited cover Give 7 inches today...lost both of them. Damn.

mcs said...

Ha! I bid on 3 of them and was annoyed cos i only won two. How come you only bid on 2? Did you sneakily grab one already?

Mike said...

Hmmmm...I only remember seeing two, but it is possible that I missed seeing one. Had I already not spent a lot on a test press this month, I would have gone at the Give 7 inches a lot harder, and we could have had a contest to see who wanted them more.

mcs said...

Another test press? Man, you're on dangerous ground now.

I think I got confused between these Give limited covers and the record release version of the YB 7". I thought that was one of the limited sleeves, but now I've won it I think it isn't. WHich means I only have one of the 3 limited sleeves after all.

I have spent way too much this month. WAY too much. And I still haven't been charged for my Rev order, which by this stage is about 12 LPs. Think I am going to need a mortgage to cover the shipping on that one. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

I actually saw that Give 7" on for $2 at the record store a few weeks ago. I thought about grabbing it just because the cover art was so cool.