Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Everything Blue Sucks

Another piece of the colour vinyl Descendents puzzle is now in place. 'Everything Sucks' on blue. This one took an inordinate amount of time to track down. I believe that there were 500 of these made, and this was the third colour pressed a couple of years ago. Whilst the white vinyl was sold in the Epitaph store, as was the clear vinyl that was pressed a few months later, the blue vinyl was (I think) a Hot Topic exclusive. Quite why any label feels the need to press exclusives for that place I do not know. But this meant that it was not widely available, especially if you live overseas like I do. Well anyway, after far too much time spent waiting, I finally I found one at a reasonable price. Good news.

I now have the colour set for this one. I love how each one has a sticker on the shrink wrap to denote the vinyl colour.

This means that (aside from the recent reissues) I'm only missing two colour LPs now - 'Liveage' on blue and 'Cool To Be You' on blue. Hopefully it won't be too long...


Mike said...

Do you always keep the plastic wrap on your records? I always hate to leave it on there, but occasionally I will if there is an interesting sticker. For these Descendents LPs, I'd have to take it off.

mcs said...

Yes, I always keep the shrink wrap on UNLESS the sleeve is super thin card, because if that's the case then simply by taking the record out of the sleeve once then the sleeve will start to bend. But ever since I started buying records, if I got one sealed I would slit the shrinkwrap and leave it on.

The other exception is of course gatefold sleeves, as leaving the shrinkwrap on would prevent me from opening the gatefold. When gatefold sleeves have stickers on, I remove the shrinkwrap but then cut out the sticker and keep it inside the record sleeve so that it doesn't get thrown away.

Why would you have to take it off of these Descendents LPs? Surely its cool having each one labelled to tell me which copy is which without having to take the records out of the sleeves... right?