Monday, 14 May 2012

Ancient VVisdom II

Only fifteen days ago I wrote about the Ancient VVisdom LP that I bought when I saw the band play live. Rather stupidly, I bought a copy of the LP from the band even though I had already ordered one from the label. You know how it is. When a record is in front of you, it's hard to not buy it. Well anyway, the copy I ordered from Magic Bullet records showed up. The copy I bought at the show was green, whereas the copy I mail ordered was orange-ish. I asked for this one because I thought it would go best with the album artwork.

Well, it seems to me that both are pretty similar. Remember though, one's supposed to be green and the other's orange. No doubt that's obvious though, right?

There are four colours of this thing in total, although I have to say that the colours shown on the label website do all look very different to each other (see HERE). The other two sound like they are very close to each other as well, being purple and grey. I'm not crazy enough about this band to want four copies, and all of a sudden two copies seems kinda stupid, so I guess I can let one of these go. Anyone want to buy or trade one?

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Flanders Fury said...

Yes, they look definitely different but still think the cover is ugly...