Monday, 23 April 2012

Crimpshrine / Mutley Chix Split 7"

So when I bought my Jawbreaker / Crimpshrine 7" a few short weeks ago, I noticed that the seller was also selling another rare Crimpshrine split. One which had been on my wants list since the beginning of time. The split with The Mutley Chix. This was released by No Idea Records back in 1989. It was only the second release on No Idea Records, and came 'free' with No Idea fanzine issue 7. I've seen a couple for sale over the years, but never with the zine. Not that I have looked too much though. It's one of those things that was never a high priority want. But seeing it for sale from the same dude who I had just won the Jawbreaker / Crimpshrine 7" from, and seeing that it looked to be in great shape and also come with the zine, I figured that the time was now and put in a bid that only just won.

The record itself ain't much to look at as it does not have a sleeve. There were 1,100 copies on blue vinyl and 1,500 copies on black.

The zine has interviews with both Crimpshrine and The Mutley Chix inside. It's kinda cool to be reading this for the first time 23 years after it came out!

I always find it interesting reading old zines, especially seeing the old ads & reviews of stuff that came out at the time. Here's an ad for the newly released No For An Answer LP on Hawker Records:

And here's a review of the Insted 7" and Insted 'Bonds Of Friendship' LP:

Anyway, as much as I would to stand here chatting, I can't. I have to go listen to some Crimpshrine. Later!

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hop said...

Just happened to see this in Amoeba SF! Was going to ask if you wanted it but then saw it was this version you picked up. Was $30, don't think it had the zine with it