Monday, 5 March 2012

Green Painkillers

Here's the second in the recent trilogy of 7"s on a trilogy of labels from GIVE. The 'Petal Pushing' 7" has just come out on Painkiller Records. I picked up one copy on green vinyl, which is limited to 218 copies.

Once again, the artwork and layouts are top notch, and consistent with the band's previous 7" releases. The green colour scheme in particular of this one looks great.

I'm slightly bummed that I missed out on the limited tour sleeves for all of these 7"s. No doubt they will take time and money to track down. Because obviously I now need them. Yes, that's right. Need.

Whilst in the Painkiller store I was looking for something else to buy seeing as picking up one 7" seemed inefficient. I don't know why I didn't order a second Give 7" on black as I now feel that I want one of those. What a fool. But I did spot this green vinyl second pressing of the Knife Fight 'Isolated EP'. First press was 1000 on black vinyl, whereas this green second pressing is limited to only 306 copies... so well worth picking up. Musically, this 7" is much more in the vein of their demo and first 7" than the LP, which is a good thing.

The sleeve unfolds into a giant poster with lyrics on the reverse. Looks really good:

Painkiller is one of those labels that I have a few things by but far from everything. But I'm not sure why that is. Dudes put out some really great stuff. I should probably look into picking up some of their older releases that I don't have.


matt said...

For some reason I kept getting an error message when I tried getting your email address from your blogger profile. So, I posted up pictures of the Bane 7" on my blog. My email is

Anonymous said...

i'm not all to familiar with these bands, but those records look cool enough for me to buy based on the color schemes.