Thursday, 29 March 2012

Cave In 'Jupiter' Clear

As I said over on Vinyl Noize yesterday, I've been on a bit of a Cave In trip recently. I finally got around to listening to their newest album, and it made me go back and listen to the older stuff, which in turn made me start looking for some more of their records. I was more than stoked to find this clear vinyl copy of 'Jupiter' and knew I had to have it.

This clear vinyl version is a European pressing on Chrome Saint Magnus Records, which was a label owned/run by some dude who used to be in the band ACME. Anyway, Chrome Saint Magnus released a European pressing of 'Jupiter' and the limited vinyl colour was clear orange. Everyone knows that. Oh... except what nobody knew originally, and few people are still unaware of today, is that there is also a super rare clear vinyl version. It was only a few years after the record came out when it popped up on eBay that people realised it existed, and it left most Cave In collectors scratching their heads. Even now nobody seems to know how many (or rather, how few) exist. I heard a rumour that it is a friends press type deal and there are only 25, but I think this is really just speculation. Still, you get the point - no matter how many there may be, this is hard to find.

The funny thing is, rare as this may be, it still seems easier to find than any vinyl copy of their last LP. Getting hold of anything on Hydrahead these days is like mission impossible.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, so it was you that won it! I snoozed and missed the end if the auction on this!
Regarding their latest release, as usual I missed the pre order as I wasn't online the millisecond they went up. I ended up picking up the most limited colour from Crash Records in Leeds of all places, cheaper than Hydrahead too...