Sunday, 12 February 2012

Mega City Four 'Tranzophobia' LP

You know how sometimes you get a song stuck in your head? Well, this happens to me quite a lot. Most of the time it seems to be a song I've heard playing in a shop or some other public place, but now and again a song comes from the deep reaches of my brain and surprises me. Mega City Four were a UK band active at the end of the 80s and into the early 90s. Back when I was about 16, some of my friends liked them, but I was never really into them. I guess I just thought they were too melodic for me. Back then I was starting to crave stuff that was harder & faster. But because my friends played their stuff quite a bit, I became familiar with a few of their songs. And somehow, twenty years after I last heard anything by this band, one of these songs popped into my head recently. Weird huh? So I went online to listen to it, and then ended up listening to a few other tunes. Then I downloaded them, and then ended up spinning them on my way to work. And before I knew it I had downloaded two albums and a couple of EPs and I couldn't stop listening to them. And then, wouldn't you know it, I ended up on eBay looking for vinyl, where I found their first LP 'Tranzophobia' which I won for £0.99. Deal.

Twenty years on, it seems that my friends were right. This band was pretty good. After a bit of googling I then found that their first two LPs (of which this is one) came on colour vinyl, so now the hunt is on. I also found out that their singer passed away in 2006. RIP Wiz.


Mark-Sandwell said...

I saw them in Manchester in 1989. Wasn't too impressed to be honest but then again I was never a fan. I just went along for something to do.

Anonymous said...

there's a marbled blue press that was out same time as the "first press".
There's also a french press (with maybe a few hundred copies on colored vinyl as well)