Thursday, 16 February 2012

In My Head Orange Pink Salmon

I've been slowly collecting colour vinyl Black Flag records for about five years now. I've been picking them off one at a time. No rush. But one proved a real problem for me. 'In My Head' on pink. For the first couple of years I didn't even know that this one existed. Then I found out about it but couldn't find one anywhere. Then one appeared on eBay. I watched it for a few days and decided to bid with about five seconds left. I bid something like $110 because I wanted it bad, but when I hit the 'confirm bid' button all I got was some annoying message saying "sorry, but this seller does not ship to your country". I cursed myself for not spotting this sooner and emailing the seller. The record sold for nowhere near $110 and I remain convinced that if I had have been able to get my bid it I would have one. Anyway, that was that. I didn't get another sniff of that record. Then, a month or so ago, I picked up the recent repress of 'In My Head' on brown vinyl. Suddenly, owning a colour vinyl copy of it meant that I wasn't so fussed about not having the pink one. And then, wouldn't you know it, about a week later the pink one appeared on eBay UK. Typical. As soon as the urgency drops away, the very thing I wanted appeared right in front of me. So I went through the usual ritual of watching it for a few days and then bidding at the last minute. I won it for £15, which is quite clearly a lot less than the $110 that I would have paid a couple of years back. Cool.

The slightly annoying thing is that my copy is not exactly what I would call pink. No, this one is definitely more toward orange. Kinda cool though because this colour is a closer match to the orange on the cover. See the nun in the orange box in the bottom right corner? Well, the record colour is quite close the orange of that box. And vinyl matching cover art colours is always a good thing. But still, it makes me think that there must be copies out there that are more pink, given that everyone seems to refer to this colour as pink. Which means that I still need one on pink. Here's a picture of one I found on popsike:

As you can see, this one definitely looks more pink than my copy. But maybe it's just the light. Maybe they are all kind of orangey pink, the kind of colour that sometimes gets referred to as 'salmon'. Then again, maybe nobody cares. Maybe it doesn't matter. But it does kinda bug me.

Anyway, picking this one up now puts me in an interesting situation. Aside from this on pink, and a couple of the recent represses (which barely count) I think the only colour LP I now need is 'Damaged' on clear purple. Then I would have a complete Black Flag colour vinyl LP collection. So, is anyone out there going to do the honourable thing and donate me one? Come on, people!

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