Monday, 27 February 2012

Descendents Hallraker Live!

Oh, how the SST color vinyl gods have been smiling on me lately. This is the fourth SST color vinyl long time want that I have picked up in the last two months. 2012 has already seen me pick up two colour vinyl Black Flag records (not including the recent reissues, I hasten to add) and now here's the second colour Descendents record of the year, 'Hallraker Live!' on green vinyl.

A weird record this one. The second live Descendents album that SST Records released. I mean, live records seem pointless at the best of times, but if you've already put out a live LP then why would you put out another? Could it have been because the band had broken up and the label needed an excuse to issue another Descendents record to make some more money? Who knows? But despite the fact that there seems little point to this record, I gotta say that I do love the cover.


Rick Smith said...

Marcus, did you ever get my email about a friend of mine selling descendents and dino jr test presses?

mcs said...

Yes, thanks Rick. I didn't email him though cos you mentioned how much he was looking for and it was considerably more than I would have paid.