Saturday, 31 December 2011

Second Nature Tests

I always like to get a good deal. Unless absolutely necessary, I don't like paying top prices. It's cool to pick up rare records, but it's more satisfying when you know you get a good deal. I watched these two records end on eBay with no bids at least 5 times. Then I emailed the seller and made an offer quite a bit lower than the opening bids. Seller accepted. Job done.

This is the debut (and I think only) album 'Voices' by Able Baker Fox. This came out a couple of years ago on Second Nature Records. The band features the dude who plays bass in Coalesce on vocals. You know - the dude who used to sing in The Casket Lottery, one of my favourite bands from the turn of the century era. I didn't actually buy this LP when it came out because the limited version sold out quick. This test press is the only copy of this album I own.

The same seller also had a test of the Waxwing / Casket Lottery split 7". This one was also released on Second Nature Records, circa 2000 if my memory serves me correctly. This test is number 2 out of I don't know how many.


Rick Smith said...

Able Baker Fox was also a couple members of small brown bike. I think they might have only played 2-3 shows before they decided to get SBB back together.

I actually was lucky enough to be at 2 of the shows they played in Chicago and picked up the rarest version of this LP. But I sold a ton of records last summer to fund going on tour in the UK/ Europe last year and this one was one to go.

mcs said...

Thanks, Rick. I never knew that SBB reformed. Guess that explains why ABF never did anything else.

Just out of interest, who did you go on tour with?

Rick Smith said...

yeah i think it was like 3/4 members of small brown bike. SBB put out a new lp in the summer on no idea. its not as good as the early stuff but picks up where the river bed left off.

I went over at the end of summer/fall 2010 with Urban Blight selling merch. I had to let go of some good records but it was worth it!

I also just started a record blog here if you want to check it out:

Im thinking of moving it over to a blogspot. but tumblr seems to work fine for now.