Monday, 19 December 2011

Orange 9mm 12" Light Green

It's not often these days that I manage to cross a Revelation item from my want list. Most of the ones I want or need are toward the rarer end of the spectrum, and prices just seem to keep on going up. So no chance of me picking up a Warzone on clear anytime soon I don't think. Ah well.

However, this one got me WAY stoked. I spotted this on ebay and knew from the photo that I wanted it right away. The seller was obviously lazy and wrote a shitty one sentence description that failed to mention that it was light green vinyl which is it's main selling point, because according to the Rev discography here, there are only 3 of these things out there. Now, I know this ain't true, because Mark has one and Nick has one, so counting mine would mean that nobody else in the world except us blog nerds could have one. But you just know that Kevin Finn will have one, and some dude who just sent me his trade list also has one, so there's 5 right away. And I'd bet my last dollar that Geoff has at least one, making six. But how many more might there be? Will we ever know? Probably not. But still, no matter whether there are 3, 6 or 50, in terms of Rev colour vinyl, it's rare and not an easy one to obtain.

I was stoked to win this for $32, although I definitely was not stoked to have to wait weeks and enter into an eBay case when the seller failed to send it a month after the auction ended. But thankfully he sent it in the end and it now sits happily on my floor.

I took my own photo comparing this light green one to a dark green one. As you can see, they're pretty different:

I also thought the time was right to crack out my orange and salmon copies to take the family photo.

I remember being into this bigtime when it came out. I asked the dude in the shop (Bad in Leeds, if anyone remembers that) to play it for me as I hadn't heard it but knew it was ex Burn, and I was therefore excited. I immediately loved the post hardcore groove that blasted out of the shop speakers and couldn't wait to buy the thing and get it home for proper listen, and so that I could tape it and walk around with it on my walkman. Who could have guessed that 17 years later i would be buying the same record again for the fourth time?

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Flanders Fury said...

Concerning the price, good for you but bad for the seller... ebay injustice