Monday, 12 December 2011

One Step Closer Than The Last

One of the bands I revisited lately in my return to the mid-late 90s is Harvest. This band was pre Hope Conspiracy and one of the early bands on the Trustkill label. They played metallic straight edge, but before that was an embarrassing scene of it's own like it seems to be now. Anyway, I decided to scan eBay to see if there were any interesting Harvest records floating about and spotted this 7", which I bid and won for cheap. This is a two song 7" called 'One Step Better Than The Last' which features two songs from their final album 'Transitions', which was a CD only release.

I once heard that Trustkill used to make a limited purple vinyl of 100 copies for each release which were for friends and band members only. Not sure if that is true, or if the colour of this record could ever actually be described as purple anyway, but still, this is an interesting colour of a good 7". Harvest used to be one of my favourites of their era and I've been enjoying playing their songs again recently.


geoff said...

for the purple vinyl thing, you might be thinking of ferret records.

come to think of it, i dont think trustkill ever pressed any of their records on purple vinyl. the closest they came to that was the 18 visions 12" on purple pressed in europe.

mcs said...

Geoff, you are 100% correct. I got Ferret and Trustkill mixed up. What an amateur!

geoff said...

i mix the labels up and im friends with both of them, haha. so i think im the amateur.