Sunday, 13 November 2011

We Stick Together!

Never let it be said that I do not keep up to date... even if it takes me like a year or so to get there. Ha! I started seeing a lot of pictures of this 7" around a while back & it seemed there was some hype around this band. Then again, it seems any current straight edge band seems to get hyped. Perhaps that's because there aren't actually that many sxe bands about anymore, as long as you don't include these novelty / joke bands that go around waving guns or utilising five singers with varying degrees of throaty barking vocals. Yes, I'm talking about proper youth crew type straight edge bands which it seems to me are becoming increasingly rare. Or maybe it's just that I'm just way out of touch. I wouldn't rule that out. Anyway, Stick Together are the exactly the kind of sxe band I like, and I was lucky enough to end up with Mike's spare copy on white vinyl, which seems to be the rarest colour out of 100 copies.

Yup, it's always good to listen to this kind of sound played by a current band. Makes me feel young. Well, ish.


martin said...

Where can I actually listen to this band?

Mike said...

Like glue, like crew. Glad you enjoy it.

mcs said...

Easiest way to listen would be to use google and then download the mp3s. That's what i did.