Monday, 28 November 2011

Trade - Records for Food

Catching up on this blog and I'm throwing up here three UK hardcore 7"s that I got from a friend about three months ago. I just haven't got around to putting up here until now. Mainly because I am lazy.

First here is the first (I think) 7" by BRAIN DEAD. I saw this band play once when they were a pretty new band. I forget who they were playing with, but it was a show at the Fenton in Leeds. Anyway, I didn't hear the name of the band when the singer said "Hi, we're Brain Dead". What I heard was "Hi, we're GRIND EGG". I was disappointed when I found out the band's real name. I think my name was better.

This version is the record release version, with a really interesting cover. This is just a single sheet of paper that sits on top of the regular cover.

Next up is the second 7" by Brain Dead. I already have this on green vinyl. But this version is the release show version with a limited sleeve. I love the dark green limited cover. Looks great.

And finally, a UK hardcore compilation 7" that came out in about 2006. This one features three bands - Brain Dead (again), Self Destruct, and Search And Destroy (whose 7" I released, and that you can still buy HERE if you want). I bought a test press of this comp a while ago, but this version here is the pre-order version, in a limited orange sleeve. This one is numbered out of 30. I bought this from the label when it came out but wasn't quick enough to get one of the first 30, so I'm stoked to have picked one up in the end.

Finally... I arranged to buy these things from a friend of mine, but in the end we met up for lunch to do the deal, so I ended up part buying and part trading for food.

Records and burgers in the sun. Life doesn't get much better.


Lisa Sumner said...

Trading vinyl for food?! I love it! Sounds like a win-win situation to me. Great blog!

Hop said...

Only a good burger could make us go to Peckham

Karl said...
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