Monday, 17 October 2011

The Rule Of Nines 7"

A month or so ago, it was announced via the xStuck In The Pastx blog that the pre-order was up for the Rule Of Nines 7". For once, I was excited enough to order right away, rather than wait a few months in some stupid attempt to save money (which never works, seeing as buying later invariably means paying more).

The Rule Of Nines was a band fronted by Jon Roa in the 90s for a short period which also featured a dude who had been in Forced Down & Pitchfork. I had read Roa's piece on the band on Double Cross earlier in the year and remembered the song to be pretty good. So I ordered the record. It turned up last week and I have listened to it about three times a day since. In short - I'm loving it.

Getting in quick meant that I was able to order both versions that were available. So first, here's the rare version, with a 'badlands' sleeve numbered out of only 25 copies:

And here's the regular version, of which there are only 100 copies:

Yup, there are only 125 copies of this thing pressed in total. I would say that if you like the mid 90s, music and records in general then I think you'll have three reasons to pick one of these up. Head on over to the Irish Voodoo Records store to grab one before they vanish. And if you're quick, it looks like you may still be able to get one with the badlands cover.

Oh yeah... and because I'm a helpful person I thought I would post up the video for one of the songs for you to check out:


Mike said...

Yes, you are a very helpful person. Thanks for the introduction. ORDERED!

ROA. said...

I thank you for the kind words. Peace

Anonymous said...

I ordered it just because it said ROA. Great record and very cool package layout, not a cheap release at all.

Anonymous said...

Ordered mine early. Great band that wasn't around long enough. Never been disappointed by anything Roa has been a part of.

Anonymous said...

George was a better vocalist.. The demo rules.

Anonymous said...

I have to say ROA was way better. Not just vocals but seeing him on stage, hes all over it, doesn't stand still. I remember seeing that George guy and i'm not knocking him, but he was boring.

Anonymous said...

Just came in the mail! And I love it! Dont be mad if you wait to get this and they are all gone. You will see this on EBay.

Anonymous said...

I was too late. Limited cover is sold out.

Anonymous said...

All the comments praising Roa (lol) and knocking George are obviously Roa. Straight up bootleg robot responses. Dude needs an ego check. George era Rule of Nines was fucking badass, he actually had a cool sound with his singing, when ROA sounds like my Mom yelling at me in the morning to get up.