Saturday, 14 May 2011

Record Store Day Part 2 - BURN

I did my Record Store Day post a couple of weeks back & mentioned in there that I was missing the pale yellow variant of the BURN 7". To my pleasant surprise, my old friend who I have never met, Brian Murphy, came to the rescue, not only telling me that he had a spare, but that he would send it to me for nothing. A few days later and here it is:

Of the three Revelation RSD releases that came on differing colour variants, this one is the most obvious. Here are my two different colour variants next to each other:

Interestingly, the Revelation Records text file discography has now been updated, and it seems that they either have no record of, or fail to recognise, the RSD colour variations. Kinda weird given the fuss these days over the pale yellow GB 7". Ah well... just because the labels doesn't acknowledge them doesn't mean they don't exist. Or does it?

This next photo nicely pulls together the two themes of the is post - Burn & Brian Murphy. Something I kept from the first day I ever met Dalbec & co. It's been safely tucked away in a box for ten and a half years.

Gotta say, I'm suddenly curious - was there ever a shirt made with this design? I really hope so.

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hows yr edge said...

Sadly, no shirt.