Wednesday, 28 July 2010

V/A 'Run Your Mouth' Test

Picked up a test press of a cool little UK compilation from about three years ago. The 'Run Your Mouth' 7" features three UK bands - Search & Destroy (whose 7" ep I released back when The Endless Quest was a label rather than a stupid blog!), Self Destruct and Brain Dead. All three of these bands were great, and unfortunately all three are now broken up. Anyway, I was stoked to win this on eBay. I know that not many people who played on the record got a test, so I feel pretty lucky to have this one. And I also like the cover - very minimal, but very nicely done:

For anyone unfamiliar with this 7", this is what the original record looks like:

I actually have two spare copies of this record if anyone wants one? Not the test, obviously, but the regular version. If you want one, I'll send you one for nothing. Just say the word. First two people to respond get the records. Can't say fairer than that can I?

Oh yeah, also, I figured I would upload the songs so you can check them out. I figured nobody in the bands would mind. Here ya go:


Sean said...

post to australia mate? will paypal you postage costs!

mcs said...

Ok, Sean, that would be cool. Email me (address in my profile).

Daniel said...

I'd love to grab a copy of that!

Anonymous said...

i managed to grab a test press it think gates