Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Pain Runs Deep 7"

(((As usual, I am WAY behind on this blog. I have pile of records next to me that I have received in the past few weeks that I haven't added to the blog due to having other more interesting shit going on. But all of a sudden the pile of records is annoying me to the point where I feel that I need to move them. So here starts several days of catch-up posts...)))

I got this one weeks ago from my friend Adam Malik. You probably know him, seeing as he seems to know pretty much everyone in the entire world. I never met or spoke to Adam until I moved to (near) London about 4 years ago, but we chatted at a show and I can understand why everyone likes him. Dude is chill. Anyway, he's Polish, but lives in London... but before living in London used to have a band called Pain Runs Deep. They broke up at some point in the past, but have recently been playing out again, and have just released a new 7" called 'Whispered Truths'. I was lucky enough to get given a couple of copies...

There were (I think) 100 copies on colour which has sold out on pre-orders, so unfortunately I just got given a regular black copy. But this is really well put together. The packaging is quality and you can tell that there's been a lot of time & effort into this:

The lyrics are printed on that stuff which is see-through and like tracing paper, or grease-proof paper that you might line your cake tins with. I don't know what this stuff is called. But it looks nice & makes for a nice touch:

There's also a free download card, which is a cool little plastic credit card thingy, which I think is way cooler than the little scraps of paper that most labels give away... although probably more expensive and less environmentally friendly. But hey, you can't have everything in life. Oh yeah, and there's an interesting piece of writing by my mate Chaka from Burn (did I mention that I met him in London a few weeks ago?)

All in all, a nice little 7". And as if that wasn't enough to be given, I also got given a test, which is a really nice gesture:

I much prefer it when, like here, the test comes in a sleeve which contains the same artwork as the regular record. The way I see it, the artwork is an integral part of the release, so I am always a bit confused when people make up art for a record, but then put the test in a dumbass cover with art that has nothing to do with the record, like a character from a TV show or some nonsense. I like tests that use the same key piece of art, but just make the sleeve itself slightly different to the regular one. Here's a good example. This test uses the cover art, but it is printed on a single piece of card, and numbered out of 15 copies. Nice.

I'd never really heard this band before. Kinda weird since I am always keen to listed to my friends' bands. But I guess their only release was a MCD in the 90s, and seeing as CDs suck balls it's perhaps not so surprising that I hadn't heard this after all! But anyway, this 7" was not what I expected. I mean, I was expecting it to be metallic hardcore... which yes, it kinda is, but it's much more complex & structured than some basic chugga mosh type crap. This reminds me of bands from the 90s. No-one in particular, but if I had to be specific then I'd say it would be the mosh factor of Conviction & Despair mixed with the guitar sounds of 108 & Snapcase. Does that make sense? Probably not, since I am prone to talking shite and have literally no clue what I am on about. But if you like any of those bands then there's probably something here for you. You could do worse than check this out & support a cool little DIY label in the process.

To buy one, go here:


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