Sunday, 4 July 2010

Ceremony - Ruined

I traded this one with Willem a couple of weeks ago. Even though I always used to follow Malfunction, because everything they put out was gold, somehow I missed picking this one up when it came out. And then I decided to leave it until I could get the red one since that was the rarest version (excluding all the limited sleeve variations). This is part of the first press on red, which is out of 200 copies. I seriously love the artwork on this thing too.

If you want the definitive pressing info on this 7", I suggest you check out Doug's blog.

I slept on this band for way too long. I even went to two shows over here that they played, and missed them both times. The first time I was too busy talking to people outside. The second time I just got there too late. I hope they come back. I won't miss them again.

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Flanders Fury said...

Yeah very good one indeed, glad I made you happy with it.

You have to check this link to see an impressive CEREMONY collection from a befriended Belgian collector: