Monday, 5 July 2010

Bane - The Black Albums

I like to think that I have a pretty good Bane collection. But it hit me recently that, although I have lots of their records on colour vinyl, I don't have anything on black. I then realised that this actually qualifies me as some kind of amateur. So I sought about trying to fix this mistake before the cops kicked my door down and took me to the station. A couple of weeks ago I managed to get both LPs at the same time in a weird trade that took about 5 hours where I got two records and Sam got about twenty.

Album numero uno - 'It All Comes Down To This':

Even though I already own three copies of this, I had no memory of the back cover. It didn't look at all familiar.

Thinking about it though, I probably haven't so much as looked at this thing for about ten years.

And next, the second album, 'Give Blood'. I remember buying about three copies of this album when it came out from EVR. I remember being stoked on getting three colours. Little did I realise back then that the black would become harder to find than the clear several years later when I would come to want the black one.

So now all I need is a perfect 50/50 red/clear split of 'Give Blood', and also tests of both. If i was Tre, I would definitely sell me my tests, or swap them for Descendents records or something like that. Definitely.


Anonymous said...

i was hoping you were the one who won the bane test on ebay, im guessing by this post you werent the one. -geoff

Doug W said...

Is it just me or do these look amazing on black? I think I like black better than that stupid "blood" on clear effect that didn't work with Give Blood. Also, black looks a hell of a lot better than pink or orange with It All Come Down to This!