Monday, 3 May 2010

United Blood

Out of the blue and unexpectedly, I got a text message a couple of weeks ago from a friend saying he was at United Blood fest and there was a limited Bane 7" on sale. He was asking whether I wanted one. Well, of course I wanted one!

It turns out to be the '6:58 PM Boston' 7" on Triple B records with a limited sleeve (aka an extra piece of card shoved on top of a regular sleeve).

A couple of days later I got an email from the label telling me there were some leftover copies in their store. I thought best to order one just in case the one my friend got me went missing. But I wasn't allowed to buy only one item, so I had to buy two. Which means I ended up with three. Anyone want one?

Anyway, back to United Blood. Once I confirmed that I wanted the Bane 7", my friend asked me if there was anything else I wanted. I hadn't paid any attention to who was playing the show, since at no point had I planned to go. So I checked the line up to see who was playing, and ended up replying to say "get me any limited records by these bands… blah blah blah". I then got another text telling me that there was a Mindset release show 7". Did I want that? "Yes please" I replied. Unfortunately though, a few minutes later I got another text saying that, in the time it had taken for my friend to go to the ATM to get cash, the Mindset release show 7" had sold out. Oh well. The other three versions of the 7" were for sale though, so I ended up getting them too. For some reason, I had failed to pre-order this record, even though I usually pre-order every React! release the day it goes up for sale. I guess that, by not ordering it, I have missed out on the usual piece of screen-printed cardboard. The sad thing is that this actually bothers me. Ha!

Finally... on a loosely related note, the dude who sent me these 7"s also emailed me this picture:

This is a photo of the birthday present he gave his (now ex) girlfriend. Pretty cool huh? If I came home and found my most wanted records wrapped up like this on my bed, I'd probably not even want to open them & ruin the wrapping.


jhulud said...

I ordered that Bane 7" as well. I have yet to receive it. If for some reason, it doesn't show up, I will hit you up for one of the extras you have.

marcus said...

You got it dude!

Wade said...

the mindset record release is on yellow, and the sleeve is stamped, everything else is the same.

Dobek Ohashi said...

I'm down with reading BANE's lyric sheets/inserts but how one can actually play this thing at home is beyond me. Aaron's voice sounds like one of them small sofa dogs being hit by a car.
Can't stand his "singing".
Cool guy to hang out with though for sure. He's coming to Japan at the end of the month.

PS; great BD present photo

Lins87 said...

seriously any guy giving a girl that amount of records must be soft! As for Bane, props for the amount of Bane recs you actually own. Not really into them anymore but I appreciate your dedication and endeavour.....YOU CRAZY!!