Monday, 17 May 2010

Iron Age LPs for sale or trade

'The Sleeping Eye' was originally released as a black vinyl double LP on Cyclopean Records. It was then repressed as a clear vinyl single LP on Tee Pee Records out of the USA. At the same time, it was licensed to a UK label called Full Tilt World. This is part of the limited UK pressing. One hundred were made on clear vinyl, and these copies also have a cool looking black sleeve.

I just bought the last copies from the label. I'm looking to trade or sell them. none of these have been played and they are thus in excellent condition. Also includes a poster. One of the best albums of the last few years in my opinion, and if you like the LP then this is a super cool version you'll be stoked on.

A few short weeks ago I sold one on eBay. It went for just under $52 (see the auction listing HERE).

If you want one of these things then either send me your trade list or you can send me $30 plus shipping. Email me at the address listed in my profile at the top of this blog.


Spencer said...

Okay I just ordered one of these from Full Tilt, and it had the black sleeve, poster insert and everything, but instead of being numbered, it had this:

Any insight?

marcus said...

I also have one which is numbered 'FTW/100'. I asked the kid about it & he looked puzzled, and said that there were only 100. He couldn't remember putting FTW on any copies, but reckons he must have just got bored during the numbering process.

tyler said...

I'm interested in purchasing one. Email me at