Friday, 21 May 2010

Average Citizen

Today, a couple of recent eBay wins, connected only because they came from the same seller...

The first is the Suicide File / R'N'R split 7". As I recall, this record caused a bit of a stir when it was released back in the early 00's. Basically, both of these bands were pretty popular, and this split was announced on a new record label - Championship Vinyl. Pre-orders were announced and the label took a lot of money. Then, a somewhat familiar story… nothing happened for a while and peoples' patience started to wear thin. For one reason or another, I didn't actually place an order for the record at all. I think it was during a period when I was out of touch with hardcore due to doing exams and buying a house and whatnot. I think at the time the Revelation message board was pretty much my only link to hardcore, so this issue must have been raised on there for me to have even been aware of it. But anyway, after a while the record actually came out, but it seems that a lot of people who pre-ordered didn't actually receive anything. A rip off hardcore label? Who would have thought?

Well, one day I was at college, and in my lunch break I ended up looking at a list of records that some dude was selling on the internerd. It was one of those deals where there are no prices, you're just expected to make offers. So this dude had a copy of the Suicide File / R'N'R 7" on blue vinyl numbered out of like 60 copies or so. So I shot him an offer and he accepted. Completely hassle free. It almost felt unfair. Like I was getting a record that really should have been sent to someone else. Someone who probably still doesn't have their record... although they're probably about 30 now and a fat drunk and couldn't care less.

So 8 years or so later, here is my second copy of this record - the tour press, with spray painted cover, numbered out of 100 copies:

Next up, the 97A 'Better Off Dead' 7" which I got from the same seller for less than $3. I kinda bought this to console myself over not winning a copy of this on red vinyl a few days before.

Interestingly, the insert contains pressing info:

The weird thing is that there are apparently 300 on blue and 700 on black... yet this blue one is numbered 330. So what does this mean - that there are at least 330 on blue, or the numbers are just randomly allocated between blue and black?

I'm not overly sure on the pressing info for this 7". I bought a regular black copy when it came out, and also a later version with limited ratbones cover. But there's a green vinyl copy out there too as well as blue. Is that second press, or possibly fourth? Oh yeah, I have just decided that I badly want a red vinyl copy of this one now. If anyone has one that they could part with, please let me know.


-cja said...

Chris (97a) re-pressed his records over and over. that comp. he did had like 5 pressings as well and he kept changing the colors of the sleeve and vinyl to keep people buying it over and over.

i have every press of that 97a 7". he sold me a red copy at a Fastbreak show at some tiny flower shop in NJ. still have the shirt (unworn) and the pin. isn't there 25 copies of it or something? the only thing i don't have is a test press which i think is on purple. oh and there was a version for Hardware too.

marcus said...

A Fastbreak show in a flower shop?!? Ha! Was the shop open and selling flowers at the same time?

Yes, there are only 25 copies of the 97A 7" on red. There used to be a "where are they" page on the Teamwork website I think, like the Chung King list at Rev. One sold on ebay a couple of weeks ago. I bid $61 and it sold for $61... to someone else! If only I had bid a cent more...

BleedingEdges said...

I was one of the chumps who pre-ordered the Suicide File/RNR record and never got it. Still bummed.
From what I recall, both bands were real pissed and another label actually got it out to people. Championship pressed the record and everything, but never sent them to anyone for some reason. The whole thing was ridiculously shady.