Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Against The Grain

Last year Epitaph reissued the first three Bad Religion LPs, and pressed them on colour vinyl for the first time. They sold out pretty quick, so I had to pick them up on eBay… although there's one I still didn't get. Then, at the end of the year, they also repressed the 'Against The Grain'… and once again, I missed it, and had to resort to eBay. It turned out alright though. I waited and got a good deal. These things tended to sell for $25-30 each on eBay (before shipping), but I managed to snag both colours from one seller for $40 postpaid, which is probably cheaper than they would have cost me from the label. There are two colours - yellow and purple, so I grabbed one of each:

What I like about this is that the colours seem to have been selected to match the artwork. Always good when labels do that. Much better than using some random colour that doesn't seem to fit. Also, I have to say it, this is one of my favourite record covers of all time. I just like the simplicity and style of the art. I also always liked how there was no text on the front cover.

I hope Epitaph don't get greedy and repress them again on other colours. Having a colour repress of a 20 year old record that only ever existed on black before is cool, but doing a different colour every six months or so would severely suck. Hopefully 'Generator' is also on the cards for some point soon so I can have a full set.


-cja said...

they chose nice colors for sure. never knew they re-pressed these on color but i'm gonna stick with my OG copy. i am tempted though to seek them out.

marcus said...

Did you know they re-pressed the first three LPs on colour too? 'How Could Hell Be Any Worse?' on clear red, 'No Control' on green and 'Suffer' on orange.

-cja said...

no, i had no clue about the represses. when my friend moved to Cali 10+ years ago he gave me two crates of LPs full of goodies. most notable: a ton of Misfits LPs (and boots), DK's discography, Bad Religion discography and a slew of Zappa LPs. as enticed as i am to grab some of that color wax, i'm gonna stick with my OG copies and put the money elsewhere. but i am curious to see what colors they did. the Against The Grain looks dope on the yellow and purple. they did a great job with those!

marcus said...

'How Can Hell Be Any Worse?' and 'Suffer' are pictured on this blog in October 09. Do a search for Bad Religion, or use the "reissues" label to find them.