Saturday, 13 February 2010

Pressure Release 7"

What I know about Pressure Release, you could write on the back of a postage stamp. I bought their 'Prison Of My Own' 7" circa '93 when I was really starting to get into sxe and records. To be honest, the ONLY reason I bought it was because it was released by New Age Records, and at the time New Age had some damn good bands - Outspoken, Mouthpiece, Ressurection, Unbroken - it seemed that New Age was the label with the hottest bands at that time, and they were really plugged into what was going on. So I picked up everything they had put out previous, which was pretty much the Walk Proud 7", Powerhouse 7", Turning Point LP and the Pressure Release 7". And, to be honest, the Pressure Release 7" is probably my favourite of all of those.

This is one of those records where I can't really say why it is interesting. It just is. There are two things I like about this record. Firstly, it reminds me a lot of one of my favourite bands ever, BURN. Perhaps that is not coincidental, seeing as Alex Napeck played bass in both bands. Secondly, because it sounds absolutely nothing like the two songs they had on the 'X Marks The Spot' 7" compilation, which were pretty much just generic sxe youth crew songs. This 7" is darker, more interesting & unique sounding, and shows a lot of progression.

I was checking ebay recently and stumbled across a red vinyl copy of this 7" for sale. The cool thing was that the seller was very close to me, in London. It makes a nice change to buy things locally rather than have to pay for overseas shipping and wait ages, and this somehow made it more attractive.

I had a green vinyl copy of this from years ago, and I never knew which version came first, or which was rarest. So I got the two out to compare. Having not looked at the green one in years, I then realised the most obvious difference between the two, which is the labels:

I then did something I have not done for a long, long time. I checked out the New Age Records website. I was looking for a contact email so I could ask what the difference was between the two. I then discovered that the New Age website has had a bit of an overhaul sometime in the last couple of years and is a lot better then it used to be. It also now contains a New Age Records Pressing Info page (which is far from complete for some reason), but which told me that the green vinyl is first press (of 203 copies) and the red is second press (of 100). Good to finally know this.

If you never heard this band, then here's your chance. I uploaded the 7" songs for you to check out. I didn't figure anyone would mind. Here you go:



Mike said...

My Pressure Release story is identical to yours, the only difference is that, because they were so different, I never really gave them a chance. I've got this 7 inch on black that I keep meaning to give another shot after letting is collect dust for the past 20 years.

mindset said...

i got this on black and on the x marks the spot + a lot of seven on new age great label

Carlos said...

great record!, I got two copies on black with diferent labels (yellow and red) they didnt come with insert and I know Im not the only one without insert.. yours came with insert?

marcus said...

Nah man, neither of my two copies have inserts. They have adverts for other New Age releases, but no lyric sheet or anything. No idea if such a thing exists or not.

Doug W said...

Jeez, are we all from the same clone pod?
Bought it because it was on New Age? Check.
Collected New Age because it was the label de jour? Check.
Only have it on black because I just don't care that much, but have it regardless? Check.


sebleputois said...

a giant thanx to you, its more than 10 years since i dont have a turntable anymore, and i couldnt listen to this 7" anywhere...
so good to hear that sound again !
style have my copy, if anyone's interested to buy it, can get rid of it...