Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Floorpunch - 2010 Tour LP

So last night I went to see a band play that I never thought I would see play:

Floorpunch toured Europe years ago (not even sure when it would have been... '98,'99,'00... something like that) but, as was the norm back then, they didn't bother with the UK. To this day I'm not sure why that used to be the case. The story used to be that the crowds were so lame over here that bands didn't want to bother. Or that that low crowds meant low takings and bands/promoters couldn't make enough money to make it worth their time. Dunno if either of these is the real reason. I also have my own theory - that there weren't really any promoters that were interested in old fashioned sxe youth crew type bands so they weren't going to go out of their way to try to book those bands and attract them to the UK. Anyway, it matters not, the past is gone. It's 2010. And somehow, in 2010, Floorpunch are on tour in Europe and they're in the UK. Fuck.

Until last night, I hadn't been to a show in nearly 6 months. The last one didn't go so well for me, so I wasn't in a hurry to go to another. But last night I felt that old excitement that I haven't felt for a long time. Like I was going to see something special.

Before seeing the band though, I had something more important to do. I had to get a tour record. I'd seen on the Livewire board that they had a tour record with them, and I wanted one. And I knew that they would sell fast. So the mission was on to get one. Fortunately, it wasn't as tough as I thought it might be. I didn't have a ticket for the show, and when I arrived there was a queue to get in. However, the venue were using a different door to usual as the entrance, but nobody realised this. Everyone queued at the normal door. So when the door opened for the show, nobody noticed. So me and my friend just went straight in and beat the queue. As soon as I got inside I went straight to the merch table. The record was there, but was not priced. Within minutes a crowd had formed around the table. We had to wait like fifteen minutes for Joe Merch to price everything up, then they opened for business. I got served second. The conversation went something like this:

Me: "How much is the record?"
Dude: "Twenty"
Me: "How many am I allowed to buy?"
Dude: "ONE!"
Me: "OK, I'll take one please."

The record is a double LP of the Floorpunch discography that Six Feet Under Records is putting out sometime soon. No doubt there will be a few different versions when it is released properly, but right now this is the only version that exists - the European Tour Press.

Overall it was a good night. I shot the first three minutes of the show using the record function on my crappy camera. The visuals are ok but the sound isn't so good. Enjoy...


Dunceor said...

Lucky you, they did not have the records with them on the show in Sweden so I missed out on it.
I got a nice tour longsleeve though. Great show as well!

Mike said...

That album looks great. Hopefully Six Feet Under will put some up in their store at some point.

igorabsorto said...

this is a nazi band or what?
dont you question the attitude of this stupid straight edge proudness way of life? is it cool to step on someones face? is it cool to do it with some nike snickers??
ohhh fuck! everything so confusing!
proud to be what?

Dunceor said...

igor: I guess you never have heard Floorpunch or have you? if you have you should know better than to take them serious.
How can you be offended by that?

Mike said...

oh man, the Nike flavored Snickers are tasty.

Wade said...

i have a feeling this will go for a lot, how many copies are there?

Anonymous said...

there are only 150 LP´s
Only 30 was sold on each of the five EU shows.

Dunceor said...

None of them were sold on the swedish show because the customs did not allow them to bring them in (but they did allow them to bring in TONS of merch, weird).

chris phillips said...

How do you get to be that fat if you're straight edge?

I dunno. Love the band but I often think these things have a pretty specific time and place. Must be hard to be as passionate and sincere about it ten years later.

Youthcrewalex said...

i was at this was a good show! leeds was alot better however!
managed to get 3 copies of the LP in the end! one for me, one for a friend and one in exchange for a committed shirt