Friday, 5 February 2010

And Out Come The Descendents

After only just getting into The Descendents (20 years too late), my timing seems pretty good, because Epitaph just repressed their 1996 full length 'Everything Sucks' as a limited white vinyl LP. Pretty cool that, just after I get into them, this album gets pressed on colour vinyl for the first time ever. Also pretty cool that they chose a colour that matched the cover of the LP.

At first I wasn't into this record because the sound is not like other Descendents records. It sounded very much like a typical Epitaph release to me. However, I got over that after a couple of plays and now I am really into this record. I have been listening to this and nothing else for the past ten days or so. Such a great album.

Whilst browsing the Epitaph store, I also picked up another classic LP that has just been repressed on colour wax for the first time ever - Rancid's classic 1995 LP 'And Out Come The Wolves'.

This is the first time I have owned a copy of this record. I bought the two albums before this when they came out, and the one that followed this one, but somehow I missed this one out. I think it was because I taped it from a friend so that I knew the songs before they toured the album. But then I listened to it so much that there didn't seem much point in buying it. Then fourteen and a half years rolled by. But good to finally have it.


Dunceor said...

The Descendents is probobly my favourite band of all time but I agree that Everything Sucks sounds a bit different. People usually ask me why I like them so much because if you listen to them for the first time they don't sound anything special. But if you listen to them over and over you find those small things that make them so awesome.
Nice album and I didn't even know they were being reissued.

POI Nx16 said...

Pure Spinal Tap on the last Rancid UK tour; At the Sheffield gig Tim Shaw kindly sorted me, Boardy and Bollie with AAA passes. Rancid were on stage and we decided to try to get 'in the wings' to watch. We go through some doors to the left of the stage at floor level, down some stairs, under the stage, it was compltely deserted and we get totally lost. We somehow manage to find our way out and back into the crowd. Boardy then realises that he's lost his pass so he goes back into the bowels alone. Bollie went for a shit, as usual. We regroup and walk through the crowd and go through a door to the right of the stage, there are no signs or directons or anything so we just wander round opening doors for a while, anyway, I open this random door and all 3 of of us kind of stumble through it...and we are stood on stage behind Rancid why they play. We dive behind the back line and watch the show from there. Tim Armstrong comes over and has a chat mid-song. Roots Radicals.

marcus said...

Good story, POI. I met Tim Armstong at the Underworld in '95. Talked to him for ages, was a real good guy. Put me on the guestlist for the Leeds show a couple of days later & invited me & my friend backstage to hang out. A year later they came back once they had started to really blow up. Ended up taking Lars Fredericksen shopping around Leeds. One thing he wanted was a Birmingham City shirt. Imagine the reaction of the dudes in JJB Sports when a tall, american punk with mohawk comes in trying to buy football shirts. Good day that was!