Thursday, 26 November 2009

Pegboy 7" Test Press

Goddamnit, I am so far behind with this blog right now. Ugh. It's beginning to feel like a chore. I see this little stack of records next to me that I "need" to write up and it just feels like something I HAVE to do rather than something I WANT to do. Am I getting tired of doing this? Well, no, not exactly. It's just that I have so little time right now and this feels like a waste of it. I need to keep it short else I will never catch up.

Today's update is a pointless test press:

Pointless in the sense that it looks boring and isn't even for a record that I am that bothered about. But I picked it up because it was pretty cheap. It's a test for a Pegboy 7"... a band that I got into back in about 1992 because they were on a skate video, although I don't remember exactly which song it was nor which video it was. Well anyway, I picked up this 7" in about 1993. Here's what the regular version looks like:

Pegboy were always one of those bands that should have been bigger than they were in my opinion. Their best record is the album 'Strong Reaction', a test press of that sold on eBay a few months ago for next to nothing and, like a fool, I forgot to bid. I guess this 7" is some kind of consolation prize.

Finally, here's a video I found on youtube. Interesting whether you know the band or don't:


Mike said...

With me, it's not so much a lack of time...I'm just finding it harder to say much more than "Here is a record that I bought. It looks nice.".

Malbeats said...

i'm not too sure how to send you a direct mail through the blog but you might be interested in this:

price is a bit steep though!

Junk Food said...

Never heard of this band before but this is exactly the type of shit Ive been into lately. I downloaded "Strong Reaction" and can't stop listening to it. Ebay will soon make some money off of me because of this band.

marcus said...

Hey Tim, glad you like them. You definitely bought the best record. But the other early records are also good - the 'Three Chord Monte' 12", and the slightly later 'Fore!' 12". There was then an album in about 93/94 called 'Earwig' but I never got around to listening to it simply because it has the worst cover of all time.