Monday, 23 November 2009

ON 'Control EP' - White

Back in August I got given a black vinyl copy of the ON 'Control' 7" on by a friend. I didn't actually want to get into ON at all. But I have ended up doing so, and recently took an opportunity to pick up the same record on white vinyl.

I have no idea on the pressing info for this one. The pressing info for the 'Vital Times' 7" (which I don't have at all) is all over the nerd, but the info for this 7" is hard to find. I checked the HYE trade board and a few people have this listed as being out of 350, but maybe one person wrote that and then everyone else just copied it. Who knows eh?

Oh yeah, if anyone wants the black vinyl version, I'm happy to let that one go.


Mike said...

I've never heard of someone so reluctant to get into a band that they actually like.

Wade said...

im about 90% positive that it is out of 350. i need more records from this band.

Alternate1985 said...

Mike's got you pegged man ahaha.