Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Darvocets 12"

I know absolutely nothing about this band whatsoever. I just bought this record because it is on Painkiller Records, and because the record itself looks cool. This band seem to have a UFO theme going on, hence the name of the record - "Authentic Music From Another Planet". Musically, the only band that this vaguely reminds me of is The Dead Kennedys.

The record has a crop circle pattern screened onto the second side:

Looks kinda cool huh?


Tom said...

Awesome record. They're supposed to be a great live band too (I think they've split up now though).

Head2Wall said...

Band is amazing. They always for some reason reminded me of X-Ray Spex.

Frenchy said...

The band is still playing. they did last Sat for the 9/11 conspiracy show at Now That's Class.
one of the best band in Cleveland.