This is my want list. However, please note that this is more of a list of all the records that I would like to own, but some of them I am far less bothered about than others. Please do not assume that if something is on my want list then I am going to go nuts for it and offer you the moon. For most of them, that is not the case.
Items in ORANGE are the most wanted.


Revelation Records - Any & all test pressings
Bane - Any & all test pressings

97A 'Better Off Dead' (Teamwork) - Red vinyl, Green vinyl
Bad Brains 'Pay To Cum' (Bad Brains Recs)
Bane 'Free To Think' (Life) - Clear Yellow, Green #/100
Bane 'Los Angeles' (6131) - TEST PRESS
Beware 'Won't Get The Best Of Me' (Back To Back) - TEST PRESS
Black Flag 'Nervous Breakdown' (SST) - Red vinyl w/ large hole in blue sleeve
Black Flag 'Six Pack' (SST) - Transparent Blue vinyl in red sleeve
Blangk / Hedge 'Split'
Bladecrasher '700 Club' (Youngblood) - Black vinyl w/ Goat sleeve #/100
Blood For Blood 'Soulless' - Clear vinyl
Blood For Blood / Hudson Falcons 'Split' - Clear vinyl
Bloodline 'The Waiting Game' (Takeover) - Red vnyl
Bold 'S/T' (Revelation) - Orange/pink mix vinyl
Carry On 'The Line Is Drawn' (Youngblood) - Black vinyl w/ printed inner sleeve #/100
Cave In / Gambit 'Split' (Son Of Sam) - TEST PRESS
Cave In / Early Grace 'Split' (Independence Day) - TEST PRESS
Cave In 'Crossbearer' (Hydrahead) - TEST PRESS, Tour sleeve
Cave In / Piebald 'Split' (Moo Cow) - TEST PRESS
Cave In / Children 'Split' (Mosh Bart) - TEST PRESS
Cave In / Botch 'In These Black Days' (Hydrahead) - TEST PRESS
Cave In'Mr Co Dexterity / Inflatable Dream' (Hydrahead) - Unreleased 7" TEST PRESS
Chain Of Strength 'What Holds Us Apart' (First Strike) - Red sleeve with blue vinyl
Chain Of Strength 'Chain Crew' (Foundation)
Confront 'Payday' (Dark Empire) - Blue vinyl
Death By Stereo 'Fooled By Your Smile' (Dental Records) - White/Black split vinyl, Clear vinyl
Earth Crisis 'All Out War' (Conviction) - Green vinyl
Face Value 'Coming Of Age' (Conversion) - Grey vinyl
Far 'Far Does Madonna (w/ Sea Pigs)'
Far 'Boring Life'
Far 'Mother Mary'
Fastbreak 'Don't Stop Trying' (Third Party) - Blue vinyl
Fired Up 'When The Lights Go Out' (Youngblood) - Test press, Black vinyl press
Floorpunch 's/t' (In My Blood) - Black vinyl (Blue sleeve), Black vinyl (Green sleeve)
Follow Through '?' (Standhard) - Yellow vinyl
Get Real 's/t' (Collapse) - TEST PRESS, Record Release Sleeve
Get Real 'F*ck The Shore' (Collapse) - Black vinyl (112 made in total)
Give 'I Am Live' (Photobooth) - Ashley Sykes cover
Gorilla Biscuits 'S/T' (Revelation) - Light yellow vinyl, Warzone B side label
Infest 'All 7'' records'
In My Eyes 'Demo' (Big Wheel) - Lil Wayne cover
Inner Strength 'Time For Reality' (Victory) - Orange vinyl in white sleeve
Integrity 'In Contrast Of Sin' (Victory) - Promo Sleeve
Integrity / Rot In Hell 'Split 2 x 7"' (TDON) - Red vinyl
Integrity / Gehenna 'Split' (Holy Terror) - Blue vinyl w/ Blank labels
Integrity 'Black Heksen Rise' (Indie Recordings) - Black vinyl
Integrity 'Kingdom Of Heaven' (A389 Recordings) - TEST PRESS, Red vinyl
John Henry Holiday 'Know The Ropes' (Livewire) - Foil Sleeve
Judge 'New York Crew' (Schism) - 1st press (White labels)
Last Rights 'Chunks / So Ends Our Night' (Taang!) - Any version!
Life’s Halt 'We Sold Our Soul For Hardcore' (Youngblood) - Skeleton sk8er yellow sleeve (50)
Madball 'Droppin' Many Suckers' (Wreck-age) - Maroon vinyl
Mental 'Get An Oxygen Tank!' (Bridge Nine) - Green vinyl (100)
Minor Threat 'Filler' (Dischord) - Red sleeve, Yellow sleeve, Green sleeve
Minor Threat 'In My Eyes' (Dischord) - Red vinyl
Mudhoney 'Touch Me I'm Sick' (Sub Pop) - Brown vinyl
My Luck 'Is Frozen' (Youngblood) - Release show sleeve (60)
No For An Answer 'You Laugh EP' (Revelation) - I Spy sleeve, Live sleeve
ON 'Vital Times' (Legitimate Bros) - Green vinyl record release press
Rancor 'Flip The Switch' (Youngblood) - Black vinyl w/ Black & white sleeve
Rancor 'Never Hold Back' (Youngblood) - Clear vinyl w/ color sleeve (220), Blue vinyl w/ b&w sleeve (120)
Ressurection 's/t' (New Age) - Red vinyl #/50
Reinforce 'One Life Thug Free' (Underestimated) - Sporty Spice Cover
Sparkmarker 'Atomos' (No Idea) - Grey vinyl
Statement 'Don't Sacrifice Me' (Battery) - Grey vinyl, Red vinyl
Stay Gold 's/t' (Indecision) - Muppets sleeve
Strain 'Remorse / Altar' (Bacteria Sour) - Green vinyl #/20 (NOT #60!)
Striking Distance 's/t' (Vicious Circle) - Red vinyl
Supertouch 'Lost My Way' (Reaper) - Tee Til Death cover
Tad 'Lycanthrope' (Pushead Fan Club) - Any version!
Tenfold / Sum Of All Fears 'Split' (Bridge Nine) - Green vinyl
Ten Yard Fight 'Hardcore Pride' (Big Wheel) - White vinyl
Unbroken 'You Won't Be Back' (New Age) - Pink vinyl
Violent Reaction 'Dead End ep' (Painkiller) - Green vinyl
Voicebox 'Silence Lies' (Workshed) - Clear vinyl
Warzone 'Lower East Side Crew' (Revelation) - 1st press (blue labels)
Youth Of Today 'Can't Close My Eyes' (Positive Force) - Orange vinyl w/ Batman stamp
V/A (inc Bane) 'As I Look To The Future' (Solution Records) - Blue vinyl
V/A 'By All Means' (Progression) - Red vinyl
V/A 'Champions Of Sound' (Hydrahead) - Green vinyl
V/A 'Generation Of Hope' (Which Way Records) - Colour vinyl
V/A 'NY Hardcore Together' (Revelation) - TEST PRESS
V/A 'Under The Influence' (Vicious Circle) - Yellow vinyl

Botch 'An Anthology Of Dead Ends' (Hydrahead) - Pink vinyl (100)
Disembodied 'If God Only Knew' (Ferret) - Purple
Integrity 'Humanity Is The Devil' (Victory) - Pink or Red in SILVER SLEEVE

Afghan Whigs 'Big Top Halloween' (Ultrasound)
Agnostic Front 'Victim In Pain' (Combat Core) - Black sleeve
Annihilation Time 's/t 1st LP' - Limited AT screen printed sleeve
Bad Brains 's/t' (ROIR) - Gold vinyl (1st), Blue vinyl (2nd)
Bad Religion 'Back To The Known' (Epitaph)
Bad Religion 'No Control' (Epitaph) - Green vinyl reissue
Battle Ruins 'S/T' (Rock N Roll Disgrace) - Clear vinyl
Blacklisted 'And The Beat Goes On' (Deathwish Inc) - Purple vinyl
Blacklisted 'No One Deserves To Be Here' (Deathwish Inc) - Black vinyl (100)
Bl'ast! 'The Power Of Expression' (Wishingwell)
Bold 'Speak Out' (Revelation) - GREEN VINYL TEST PRESS
Cave In 'Antenna' (Hydrahead) - TEST PRESS
Cave In 'Tides of Tomorrow' (Hydrahead) - PIC DISC TEST PRESS
Cave In 'Jupiter + Anomalies Vol 3' (Hydrahead) - TEST PRESS
Cave In 'Jupiter + Anomalies Vol 3' (Hydrahead) - Clear vinyl LP + Clear vinyl 12"
Cave In 'Perfect Pitch Black' (Garden of Exile) - Silver vinyl
Cave In 'Planets Of Old' (Hydrahead) - Gold vinyl
Cavity 'Human Abjection' (City Of Crime) - Blue vinyl (200)
Champion 'Promises Kept' (Bridge Nine) - Black vinyl
Clutch 'Pitchfork' (Self Released)
Coalesce 'Functioning On Impatience' (Second Nature) - Orange / black mix vinyl
Cold World 'How The Gods Chill' (Deathwish Inc) - Clear Blue vinyl
Comeback Kid 'Turn It Around' - Gold vinyl (100)
Death By Stereo 'If Looks Could Kill' (Indecision) - Orange vinyl
Death Threat 'Peace And Security' (Bridge Nine) - Blue vinyl
Descendents 'ALL' (SST) - Purple vinyl, Clear vinyl (Represses from 2012)
Dinosaur Jr 'You're Living All Over Me' (SST) - TEST PRESS
Disengage 'Expressions' (Triple B) - White vinyl
Down To Nothing 'The Most' (Revelation) - Screened Cover #/38
Dwarves 'Blood Guts & Pussy' (Sub Pop) - Pink vinyl, Grey vinyl
Dwarves 'Thank Heaven For Little Girls' (Sub Pop) - White vinyl
Face To Face 'Don't Turn Away' (Dr. Strange) - Green vinyl, Yellow vinyl, Red vinyl, Clear Purple vinyl
Faith 'Subject To Change' (Dischord) - Clear vinyl, White vinyl
Fire & Ice 'Not Of This Earth' (Reaper)White vinyl in Sound & Fury cover (30)
Gentlemans Pistols 'On Her Majesty's Pleasure' (Rise Above) - Clear vinyl
Give 'Electric Flower Circus' (Moonflower) - Pink vinyl
Harvest 'Living With A God Complex' (Trustkill) - Grey vinyl
Husker Du 'Zen Arcade' (SST) - Red vinyl, Gold vinyl
Husker Du 'New Day Rising' (SST) - Blue vinyl, pink vinyl
Integrity 'And For Those Who Still Fear Tomorrow' (Toybox) - TEST PRESS
Integrity 'For Those Who Fear Tomorrow' (Organized Crime) - Tan vinyl
Integrity 'Systems Overload' (Victory) - Black vinyl
Integrity 'Integrity 2000' (Victory) - Black vinyl
Integrity 'Closure' (Victory / Drug Bust) - Black vinyl
Into Another 'Mutate Me' (Hollywood) - Promo 12"
Isis 'Mosquito Control' (Escape Artist) - Clear (100), White (100), Grey (100)
Isis 'Celestial' (Escape Artist) - 2 x Blue (100)
Jawbox 's/t' (DeSoto)
Jawbreaker 'Unfun' (Shredder) - Clear vinyl
Keelhaul 'II' (Escape Artist) - Purple vinyl (100)
Mindset 'Leave No Doubt' (React!) - Tour Sleeve, Blue vinyl
Modern Life Is War 'My Love, My Way' (Martyr) - Gold vinyl (109)
Negative FX 'S/T' (Taang!) - Gold vinyl, Clear vinyl, Blue vinyl
Paint It Black 'Paradise' (JadeTree) - Marble Green vinyl tour press
Piebald 'If It Weren't For Venetian Blinds...' (Big Wheel Recreation) - TEST PRESS
Piebald 'We Are The Only Friends We Have' (Big Wheel Recreation) - Clear green vinyl
Rorschach 'Protestant' (Gern Blandsten) - Color vinyl w/ red & orange Pushead cover
Septic Death 'Need So Much Attention' (Pusmort) - Colour vinyl
Shift 'Pathos' (Equal Vision) - TEST PRESS
Shins, The 'Chutes Too Narrow' (Sub Pop) - Pink vinyl
Shook Ones 'Facetious Folly Feat' (Revelation) -Release show sleeve
Sick Of It All 'Live In A Dive' (Fat Wreck) - Green vinyl (266)
Sinking Ships 'Disconnecting' (Revelation) - Record Release (75)
Soilent Green 'Deleted Symphony' (Relapse) - Green vinyl
Soundgarden 'Ultramega OK' (SST) - Red vinyl, Gold vinyl, Blue vinyl
Title Fight 'Shed' (Side One Dummy) - Blue vinyl, Red vinyl
Uniform Choice 'Screaming For Change' (Wishingwell) - Grey vinyl
Youth Of Today 'Break Down The Walls' (Revelation) - GREEN VINYL TEST PRESS
V/A 'Flex Your Head' (Dischord) - Violin cover, Wheatfield cover, XXX cover
V/A 'Rev 25 NYC' (Revelation) - Green vinyl

Into Another Ignaurus graphic skateboard (no idea what company made it)