Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Walk The Plank

The next item in my haul from a long time reader of this blog is a test press of another great record from the 2004/05 era of UK hardcore. Walk The Plank 'Dead Weight In Hostile Waters' LP. The band were active circa 2004-2006 ish. As I type this it seems crazy that they only existed for about three years, because I saw them play quite a few times in that period, and looking back it felt that they were around for longer. Wow. Anyway, the band featured Lecky on vocals (most known for being the vocalist of Voorhees previously, who had been one of the most 'successful' UK hardcore bands ever at that point in time) and they always sounded raw, hard and tight live. And with Lecky himself being a bit of a record nerd, they put out smoe great reocrds in super nice packaging. They had a 7" with pop up artwork, a 4 x 7" series, all in gatefold sleeves, and a full length with cool cover art and a couple of limited collectible versions. Pretty much a perfect hardcore band in every sense. But they broke up and sadly appear to be less well remembered than other bands who weren't as good.

Anyway, in short I loved the band live and I loved the records they put out nearly as much, so I was pretty stoked to be able to pick up a test press of their LP.

Again, this Dead & Gone Records release comes only in a plain white paper sleeve, with a D&G stamp and the release details written underneath. It isn't a visual treat, but tests aren't really about that. So as usual I took a photo of the test next to the regular sleeve:

On a related note, I'm now starting to get into the process of adding releases to discogs. I own something like 500 records that aren't listed on discogs at all, so I figured I would start adding them to the database. This test press wasn't there previously, so I just added it. But in doing so I notice that there is a limited version of this LP for some reunion show in 2012 that I had no idea about. So that's one for the collection and one for the want list at the same time!


Mike said...

Nice! I haven't thought about this band for a while. Man, I loved this record, and one of my early highlights in doing my blog was getting the Blackspot pressing for this album.

mcs said...

I remember those days, Mike. When your blog featured records from after 1977. Good times!

Willem RWHAF said...

Adding records to gives me a double feeling. Discogs becomes a bigger and more accurate database. But personally nothing is gained. The 1400+ rank points I have gained over the years don't mean much either I think. I am always seduced to add it when it's not listed but afterwards I have the feeling of being too altruïstic and being kind of naive. The mystery or surprise of discovering a new version I didn't know about is always best for me. But then we live in an age of information.
It's kinda funny how I didn't know the existence of many records for a decade and a half, then discovered them and then added them to the Discogs database. The new generation of collectors will never have that pleasure.
Discogs is a trustworthy source for different pressings of releases but not for other information besides the info that's mentioned on the release itself. Information like biographies, tours, unnumbered releases, etc. always bring doubts for me.
I've also received criticism in the beginning for adding certain records (especially the rare H8000 scene records) to from fellow collectors, probably for the above reasons... But then there is enough records out there and prices have increased, there is a platform to sell and trade them, a goal or example to achieve, an democratically accesible database, etc.

Lecky said...

There were sleeves made for the test pressings and each had a different colored logo but for some reason they were never used even though I passed them on to Simon Fox, I have a feeling he kept them all because they were all different.
Mine has a sleeve and each letter is a different colour.

mcs said...

Thanks for the info, Lecky. I'm not sure how many were made, but I know that Dave has 5 covers all with different coloured logos. So maybe he got them off Foxy?