Thursday, 13 June 2019


I'm always late to the party but generally I get there in the end. The latest example is this here Mindforce 'Demo' 7" that got released in 2017. I decided to add it to the order when I picked up the Sunstroke LP on a whim. It was pretty cheap and I'd seen a lot of Mindforce records get posted on instagram, so figured I would grab one while I had the chance.

There are about a million different versions of this record out there. I grabbed this second press gold vinyl copy. Apparently there are only 33 of this colour.

I have to admit, after listening to this a bit, it is very good for what it is... which is that Leeway type thing. I don't really know what the term crossover refers to, and I've always hated it, but that term gets attached to this band. All I know is that these songs have been creeping into my regular playlist recently and the more I listen, the more that I feel I need MORE songs. It's a good one for the gym, but barely long enough to get me through three sets of shoulder press.

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Mike said...

I haven't really paid much attention to this demo release, but the Future 7 inch and the Excalibur album are so good!