Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Torture Culture

Back in October last year news emerged of a new No Warning LP with, quite literally, no warning whatsoever. One day, nothing, the next there was a pre-order up. I hit up some friends to let them know, to find that none of them were remotely interested. Discussion turned to one of the pre-order bundles that offered some kind of vape pen with the record, and everyone agreed that No Warning were a fucking joke and the new album wasn't worth buying. Well, everyone except me that is. I listened to a song and it was pretty good, so I ordered the most limited colour vinyl (called 'Pink Kush') and waited.

Eventually I got my hands on it. And the first thing to note is that 'Pink Kush' got changed to 'shitty green' due to a pressing plant mistake. Makes no difference to me though. It's still the most limited colour.

I don't have too much to say about this record. I actually like it. It's pretty much as per the last couple of NW 7"s but with a power ballad thrown in for good measure. I've listened to it a lot, and even though it's probably my least favourite No Warning album, it's not a bad record by any means. Even the terrible cover art has grown on me. Shame I didn't manage to bag the vape pen, but you can't have it all I guess.


chris said...

I agree. The cover is ugly.

Mike said...

If it ain't the vape pen pressing, it ain't shit.