Friday, 22 December 2017

Life Of Bullshit

It's funny how sometimes you get excited for a record, and then not too much later are sat wondering why on earth you decided to buy it in the first place. Case in point, this Breakdown 12":

This was put out by Painkiller Records earlier in the year when they also put out something else that I bought (possibly the True Vision 7"). I think I got excited because Breakdown are just one of those bands that I often forget about, and then when I remember them I make some weird promise to myself to listen to them more often because they are awesome. So seeing a pre-order for a new colour vinyl Breakdown record had me clicking 'buy' as fast as I could.

And then when it came, I was suddenly left wondering what the point of it was really. I mean, I own a couple of copies of the 7" version of 'The 87 Demo', and the flipside is pretty much just the same songs again recorded live. So it doesn't feel it's really adding anything to my collection. But hey, at least it comes on a cool looking colour, which would look cool next to the same colour version of the 7" (which I don't actually own, unfortunately).

Also, this was a good excuse for me to upload this video for the song 'Sick People' that I recorded when I saw them play live in Leeds earlier this year. I never in my life ever thought I would see this band play live, and they were really good. So I couldn't help but record them play their 'greatest hit'.


Mike said...

Reissued and repackaged. Splatter colored vinyl. Jesus Christ, this is the kind of purchase that you would have made fun of me for a few years ago! Ha!

mcs said...

I think in my head when i bought it I justified it thinking 'it's Breakdown and it's on Painkiller'. But you're right. Ha!