Tuesday, 7 November 2017


Sub Pop singles, day 3 of 3.

At the end of last year I posted some Tad records. I bought a few in one go. One that eluded me, however, was the 'Loser / Cooking With Gas' 7" on pale blue vinyl. In a similar story to the Afghan Whigs 7" I posted yesterday, when I decided that I wanted to acquire this for the second time in my life, only then did I realise that the colour I was missing (and used to own many years ago) was the rarest colour. The asking price on discogs seemed stupidly high, so I waited and hoped and, in the end, a reasonably priced copy came along.

This marks my third version of this 7", alongside the more common green vinyl and the ultra cool clear vinyl test press. There's also a black vinyl version, but as usual I'm not really fused about owning that one. So right here is where this story ends.

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