Monday, 6 November 2017

Purple Siblings

Sub Pop singles, day 2 of 3, and today's record is a 7" by The Afghan Whigs on a beautiful shade of purple:

Along with the purple vinyl Dwarves 7" I posted yesterday, this was one of the first records I bought, way back in 1992. I'd heard of The Afghan Whigs, and just bought this 7" as a way of checking them out. I got it from a record store not too far from my house, and my copy just happened to come on purple vinyl. Then a couple of years later, I sold it.

After realising I'd made a mistake a few years later, I then tried to acquire one of these for my collection, and then it became apparent to me that the purple vinyl is actually quite hard to find. I picked up a couple of other versions over the years, but even though I already had two copies of this on different colours, I couldn't resist the lure of the purple vinyl. As a fellow lover of coloured circles, I'm sure you can appreciate why.

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