Sunday, 5 November 2017

Get High

Almost exactly a year ago, I picked up some classic Sub Pop records from a UK seller. It was a good end to a bad year. And recently, the same seller listed a few more items, so I grabbed some items to fill some holes in my Sub Pop collection. It didn't feel right posting them in one go, so I thought I stretch them over three posts...

First up is this copy of the Dwarves 'Drug Store' 7". I've owned a purple vinyl copy of this since about 1992, and back then I remember reading in a Sub Pop discography in Record Collector magazine that the first press came with a 'Fuck You Up And Get High' pin. But it was only a couple of years ago that I actually saw one for the first time. It seems relatively hard to find a copy of the record with the pin, and tougher too to find one in good condition. But this one ticked all the boxes.

The first press copies with the pin 'only' come on black vinyl.

But as well as the pin, the other thing that differentiates this from later pressings is that the inner sleeve is printed with a live picture of the band in action:

There's also a coupon attached for the Sub Pop singles club. It's always nice to find a 7" which has the coupon still attached.

Aside from this and the purple vinyl, that's all there is for this 7". No other colours exist. So unless I ever find a test press, this one is now done.

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