Friday, 6 October 2017

Seasons In The Size Of Days

Integrity week, day 5.

When I bought the black vinyl copy of 'Systems Overload', I also picked up a black vinyl copy of the 1997 full length 'Seasons In The Size Of Days'. I got a grey vinyl copy from the label when it was released, which I still own, but in the quest for completeness I knew that I was going to need a black copy too (does this sentence sound familiar?), so when I noticed this copy going for cheap I figured it was the right time to cross it off the list.

This record got the reissue treatment last year for black Friday. I picked up a white vinyl copy which came in a gatefold sleeve, although I didn't get to see inside it as I didn't want to take the shrinkwrap off. But then Organized Crime Records pressed a couple of additional colours, so obviously I had to order those too. First up, a rad looking purple vinyl:

Even though the purple doesn't really go with the artwork at all, it doesn't matter. It's such a great looking colour.

As usual, with every Integrity reissue over the past few years, this one also comes on 'clear with black smoke' vinyl in a special sleeve. This one isn't as limited as the purple, being out of 320 copies:

And finally I got to see what's inside the gatefold:

There's also an insert and a retrospective piece written by Frank Novinec who played guitar on this record.

So that's that. I'd love to round out this post with a test press, but I already posted it last year.


Anonymous said...

Interesting fact, the painted Integrity skull on the insert of the repress is from the insert of the Integ2000 album insert.

Nico said...

I am confused, you do buy black vinyl. I thought you didn't care.