Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Nothing But The Blame

A couple of years ago, Rev reissued the third Soul Search 7" 'Nothing But A Nightmare', which had previously been released on Back To Back Records. I was into it and made a mental note to pick up other Soul Search 7"s if they fell into my path. And two years later, a couple did.

I picked up these two different colours of the 7" that Rev reissued. I have no idea on pressing info for this record, but I suspect that these two colours are second press and are probably not too rare. Still, they look much nicer than the reissues.

I also picked up this gold vinyl 'Bury The Blame' 7" on Triple B Records. This is a second press copy and the most common colour pressed out of 440 copies.

Nothing too interesting to see here, I admit, but at least they were all pretty cheap.

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