Saturday, 2 September 2017

Wolverine Pressing

As a longtime collector, there are some records that I have been wanting and searching for for a very long time. Today's post features one of those. The reason it's taken literally YEARS to obtain this limited Wolverine version of the Release 'No Longer' 7" is because there are only 50 copies in existence and, on the rare occasions when it does come up for sale, it sells for a lot of money. It always felt like whenever I had a chance to get one, it would go for more than I wanted to pay. But recently I got the chance to buy one which is brand new from the person who ran the label.

As with a lot of limited hardcore records, this isn't THAT special, in the respect that it is basically just a regular black vinyl copy of the record with a photocopied sleeve. That said, the sleeve itself is cool as fuck, as you can see.

The photocopied sleeve wraps around a regular sleeve:

This record was released by a label called Inner Journey Records back in 1990. The label only released 5 records, all on 7" format. All but one were pressed on two limited colour vinyl pressings, and (I think) 3 of them came in Marvel comic related limited sleeves. So there's a lot going on for record collectors. I'm pleased that my copy of this 7" also comes with a set of Marvel trading cards in a small plastic sleeve:

The only thing I am not entirely happy with is that the inner dust sleeve is torn. God only knows how this happened to a brand new, unplayed record. But it's annoying as it's an imperfection on an otherwise perfect record.

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Mike said...

Damn! This is cool. Nice score!