Thursday, 7 September 2017

What You Have Created... I Want Burned

Next in the batch of records I got from the same seller who sold me the TouchXdown 7"s are a couple of 7"s by Extinction. The 'What You Have Created... I Want Burned' 7" was released by Catalyst Records back in 1997. The band were from Chicago, and had a pretty strong vegan straight edge agenda, like all the bands that Catalyst put out. However, for me, this was pretty much THE best record of it's type. You know, the vegan metal crunch style bands of the 90s. I guess this one came out a little later than most similar 7"s, but to me this is the one that has aged the best. So having the opportunity to grab a couple of extra colours for cheap was something I couldn't help but go for.

I never really knew the pressing info for this, but apparently the first press featured 100 black copies and 900 on clear.

And then the second press was 400 on blue and 100 on red. I never really realised this until I got the clear copy above, but obviously they changed the labels on the b-side for the second pressing.

Funnily enough, I could also have picked up a black copy from the same seller, but didn't as I just figured it was the most common colour. But since getting these and looking up the pressing info, it appears that black is the most limited. Never mind. I'm happy with just three (!) copies of this one.

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Willem Termote said...

great post, need to check this out, haven't heard it. Funny indeed with that black one.