Friday, 22 September 2017

Two Promises

I've been trying to avoid reissues for a few years now. My general view is that they are for people who weren't there the first time around, and people who were should stay away.

Well sometimes that's easier said than done. When Sub Pop announced that they were reissuing the 1998 Sunny Day Real Estate album 'How It Feels To BE Something On' and it was going to be on colour vinyl, I immediately got excited. I know, I know... I can't even take my own advice when someone dangles a piece of coloured plastic in front of me.

Sub Pop's limited 'Loser Edition' came on this interesting dirty, swirly yellow colour. I thought that the colour looked great as I always prefer solid colours to clears.

What happened next was that I saw a picture of a red vinyl copy. It was a total 'what the fuck?' moment. I then discovered that some weird record 'club' called Vinyl Me Please got licence to issue their own exclusive red vinyl version. And this colour looked even cooler than the yellow, and seemed a more apt choice given the cover art. So I decided I wanted one too... although I didn't want to pay the annual subscription (or whatever) to get the record from the label. So I waited a while and eventually got one from eBay or discogs (can't remember which).

Similar to the yellow, the red is some swirly shade. Very interesting and kinda unique. And the back cover carries the 'Vinly Me Please' logo in the bottom right corner.

So that's pretty much it. 'Dude who tries his best to avoid reissues buys two of the same record'. Dipshittery at it's finest.

They are good colours though aren't they?

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