Saturday, 19 August 2017


One of the only records that I was interested in for this year's Record Store Day was this Damnation A.D. 'Pornography' LP released by Organized Crime Records.

Given that there were 800 copies of this pressed, all on blue vinyl, I figured that finding one would be easy, and that over time there would be lots of copies for sale, and the price would fall due to lack of demand. Yup, I figured that not many people would give a shit about this band in 2017. However, I was wrong. Lots of people were after this and it proved quite tough to acquire.

For anyone not aware, this LP is a cover of an album by The Cure called 'Pornography'. I'm not really a big Cure fan, so I'm not familiar with the record myself, but the beauty of the situation is that I've still managed to enjoy the Damnation version anyway. I'm sure that if I knew the Cure version then I'd appreciate this more, but regardless, this is a good listen.


Handsome Pete said...

I like both bands a lot and really enjoyed this release.

Bakla said...

I was pretty stoked to pick this up till I listened to it, better in theory I guess