Monday, 7 August 2017

All I Need

Back in 2012 BEWARE were the thing. I was late to the party and only actually got around to listening to them in 2014, but I quickly realised what the fuss was about. They sounded a lot like Chain Of Strength for the modern age, and hopes were high that they would crank out at least as many records as Chain... although, as time has shown, that didn't happen. Their discography consists of a demo, a 7" and then some cassette release. In my world, that amounts to one release because demos and cassettes don't count.

Well anyway, I picked up some more copies of their 7", to the point where I now have a half decent collection. I picked them all up from the same seller, which is a nice and convenient way of collecting, and a little more postage-costs friendly.

First up is the pre-release version of the US pressing, on Back To Back Records. There's nothing more hardcore than a record blank labels in a photocopied sleeve. Numbered out of 100 copies.

Next is the limited first press colour vinyl version of the US pressing. Purple vinyl out of 100 copies.

The third copy I picked up is this test pressing of the Euro pressing on Control Records.

Adding these three to the two copies I already had, as I mentioned, I now have a half decent collection of this record. Technically I am missing three black vinyl pressings, but I have zero intention of picking those up. So unless I get offered a test press of the US pressing, this one ends here.

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