Friday, 23 June 2017

Fastbreak Friday

I picked up another copy of the Fastbreak 'Don't Stop Trying' 7". It's funny, but this record came out in 1996, and I probably picked up my first copy a year or so later. And here I am, 21 years later, still picking up more different copies. This one is the (I think) 5th pressing from sometime in the mid 00s. I'm not sure how many were made exactly, but I do remember when it was pressed not buying one and thinking it was lame to repress this again years later. Which makes it kinda funny that I just caved in and bought one.

And only a couple of weeks after I picked up the solid yellow copy, I FINALLY had an opportunity to grab a 1st press blue vinyl copy. This is the one that eluded me for years, and ended up being the last colour copy for me to track down. Cool to finally have one.

So that's that. Twenty one years on from this record's release and I have a collection I'm happy with. Here's a couple of pics of the lot together:

Included here is: 1st press test press (/55), 1st press blue vinyl (/100), 2nd press gold vinyl (/100), 3rd press red vinyl (/100), 4th press clear vinyl (/100), 5th press yellow vinyl (/not sure).

There is actually a second test press that was made for the mid 00s repress. I think there are quite a few of those (50 or so) which, I guess, it would be nice to have. If I did have one, however, it would make the photo more challenging. I mean, 6 is a much easier number to deal with than 7, right?

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