Sunday, 14 May 2017

I Fell For It

I don't think there are many people who are still interested in obscure records from the 90s. But a lot of these $5 7"s get me excited, because I know how scarce they are, even if nobody else these days seems to care.

I originally bought this record back in the late 90s. The band is called UNION and the 7" is titled '...You Fell For it'. It was released on Ferret Records, a label probably most well known for releasing the Converge 'Petitioning The Empty Sky' 7". Looking back, I think that I originally bought this record by mistake. I had acquired a compilation 7" called 'The Sunny Side Of Louisville' which featured four bands, one of which was named Union. So when I saw a 7" for sale by a band called Union, I bought it.

Well, wouldn't you know it, this 7" turned out to be a different band completely. Whoops! But in a bizarre twist of fate, this band also turned out to be well worth listening to. They were from Buffalo (rather than Louisville), and sounded vaguely similar to Snapcase (first LP era). This 7" hits you immediately with a hard groove. If you're the kind of person who's recently been 90s stuff like Cast Iron Hike, then you might enjoy this too.

My original copy of this is on dark, clear red vinyl. And I was always happy with that. But a while ago I saw this purple copy for sale and had to have it. I remember hearing a few years ago that Ferret Records used to press 100 copies of every release on purple vinyl, and whilst I'm not 100% sure that is the case, it sounds plausible.


Anonymous said...

The most annoying thing about this is the oversized sleeve! Why do they do that? They always end up knackered!

geoff said...

yes, anonymous is spot on. that sleeve is super annoying! i got mine in a $1 in buffalo. that record is in my top ten list of personal colored vinyl favorites. love how that purple came out. i havent spun that in over a decade. i need to change that.