Sunday, 19 February 2017

More Represses

No matter how many times I say I'mgoing to quit picking up Rev represses, there are some that I just can't say no to. More colours of the classiscs. Truth be told, I bought these some months ago but have only just received them.

Burn 'Last Great Sea' on solid orange. This one was probably due a repress to be fair as there were only 1,000 pressed in total back in the 2002. Solid orange seems like an odd choice of colour to me, although on the plus side, at least it's something different to the clear blue / clear green / clear yellow that Rev have repressed half their catalogue on over the last couple of years.

Not so sure that the Youth of Today 7" needed to be repressed again on a different colour, but here we go. And what was that I just said about everything being pressed on clear blue, yellow or green?

And finally, Judge 'Bringin' It Down' LP on red vinyl. This one was a pressing plant mistake. Last year they pressed 252 copies on gold vinyl, then changed colour and pressed 296 on red. Given the low numbers pressed on both of these, I quickly snapped both up.

Since this mistake happened, Rev stated that they would press more on both colors. So after the red, they went back and pressed another 420 copies on gold. I guess in theory once those sell out, they will do more on red to 'even things up'. The thing i have noticed though is that the red has pretty much no value in the market. The copies that have sold on discogs have sold for new release prices, and there's a copy sitting there right now for sale. Given how much coloured copies of this album have sold for in the past, this just tells me that the multiple repress colours thing has kinda killed it. People have pretty much stopped caring. Whether that's true or not, time will tell I guess...

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geoff said...

im a sucker for complimentary colors, so the solid orange burn looks pretty sharp so me.