Sunday, 12 February 2017

Label Blowout

As we all know by now, Record Store Day is an over hyped pile of crap. Stores filled with pointless, overpriced reissues. But now and again some labels do some cool stuff, and last year Six Feet Under Records put up a limited War Hungry LP in their webstore. This thing sounded cool as hell, so I ordered one immediately. And finally, nine months later, I have it. And damn, was it worth the wait.

Of the first press of this LP, 99 copies were on red vinyl and sent out as pre-orders. But there were an additional 52 red vinyl copies which were pressed with the labels exploded inside the vinyl, and which were held back. Despite the photo above looking like this comes on red vinyl with black splatter, the bits in the vinyl are actually the paper labels which have been 'exploded' inside the vinyl. Here's a close up which shows it much better:

And the fancy shit doesn't stop there. Of these 52 'label blowout' copies, 36 were clear red, whereas 13 also had white streaks. I was lucky enough to get one of the thirteen. As the photos above show, it looks clear red on one side, but like a completely different record when you flip it over:

And as if that wasn't enough, the cover is also special, having the band name laser etched across the front. Here's a pic showing it next to the regular version:

This is a great example of what people can achieve when they want to push the boat out. This really is something truly special. It's just a shame that more people can't own one because it looks even cooler in real life than it does in these pictures, if you can believe that is possible.


Mike said...

Damn! That does look amazing! Good to see a label do something creative and special for RSD.

Willem RWHAF said...

I collected War Hungry stuff since their 7 inch on Brain Grenade Records. Never got into this LP record though. Have actually never heard it.

Looks great but can't see how this label explosion could have happened...