Monday, 21 August 2017

Victory Style

Following on from the last post, and here's yet another Damnation A.D. record that I picked up recently:

'In This Life Or The Next' is the band's third full length, released after they reformed back in 2007. I actually went to see them play live in London, around a year before this was released. Unknown to me at the time was that the show started early, and when I arrived I had already missed Damnation. That was pretty much the last time that they were on my radar until recently. First up the rumours of the 'Pornography' LP, and then Victory pressed this album onto vinyl for the first time. There are only 327 copies pressed in total, all on white vinyl.

Despite thinking that I was over this band, I couldn't help but pick up a copy... even if this meant ordering from Victory for the first time in about 18 years. I have to say, despite not expecting much from this, it's is a really good record. Super heavy.

The Damnation LP was one of three old releases that Victory just got around to pressing onto wax for the first time. And wouldn't you know it, I also wanted the other two too, which are both A18 (aka Amendment Eighteen) records. First is the second full length, 'Forever After Nothing', originally released in 2003, with a total of 322 copies pressed on red vinyl:

And secondly, the third full length, 'Dear Furious', which was originally released in 2004. Only 326 copies were pressed on cool clear vinyl.

And finally, despite intending to buy only these three LPs in the Victory store, I got sucked in by a fourth. I'd seen a couple of pics of the latest press of the first Hatebreed LP and it looked like such an interesting colour record that I couldn't help but add one to the cart.

I have one copy of this record, which I picked up back when it came out, and I probably haven't listened to since about 2000. But in the spirit of this post, and on the theme of 'I'd forgotten how good this is', well... I'd forgotten how good this is.

Saturday, 19 August 2017


One of the only records that I was interested in for this year's Record Store Day was this Damnation A.D. 'Pornography' LP released by Organized Crime Records.

Given that there were 800 copies of this pressed, all on blue vinyl, I figured that finding one would be easy, and that over time there would be lots of copies for sale, and the price would fall due to lack of demand. Yup, I figured that not many people would give a shit about this band in 2017. However, I was wrong. Lots of people were after this and it proved quite tough to acquire.

For anyone not aware, this LP is a cover of an album by The Cure called 'Pornography'. I'm not really a big Cure fan, so I'm not familiar with the record myself, but the beauty of the situation is that I've still managed to enjoy the Damnation version anyway. I'm sure that if I knew the Cure version then I'd appreciate this more, but regardless, this is a good listen.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Skate Tuff

Last year I picked up a coupe of copies of the Atari discography LP, and this got me to listening to the band again for the first time in a while. You know how a band can vanish from your radar, and then re-appear again years later? Yeah, well that's what happened. And you know the next step - you start looking out for more of their records, so that the old band can feel like a new band through the joy of new records.

This time around I picked up two copies of the 'Skate Tuff' 7". This 7" was released by a Belgian Record label, Siton Records, back in 1999. When it came out I bought a red vinyl copy and left it there. All these years later and I saw fit to pick up the other two colour vinyl copies - blue and green.

I have no idea what the pressing info is for this record, or whether one colour is rarer than another. All I do know is that the three look pretty damn good together.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Vanished Crusade

Last year I picked up three copies of the debut Forced Order LP, 'Vanished Crusade'... and then lost them in the mail before I even laid a finger on them. Over a year later and I've eventually got around to replacing all three copies...

First up is the rarest copy of them all, the record release show edition. As you can clearly see, there were only 50 of these made for the release show which took place almost two years ago. TWO YEARS! Time is absolutely flying these days, it's crazy. Anyway, grey vinyl is actually the SECOND press out of 228 copies. Quite how the release show copies are from the second press I don't get. I mean, who was selling the first press BEFORE the release show? In theory the band, but that doesn't make sense.

I picked this up from eBay only a couple of weeks ago. It had only been a couple of weeks before that when I last whinged about how I was still pissed that this would be really difficult to replace. I guess fate smiles on me sometimes.

The release show 'sleeve' is simply a single piece of paper placed in front of the regular sleeve. It's not overly exciting. But inside the sleeve were also a bunch of stickers and a poster, which helps make it into a more interesting item.

The other two copies I picked up are the 'regular' copies that Rev sold. These two colours are from the THIRD press. Clear vinyl (out of 329) and clear orange vinyl (out of a whopping 1200 copies).

So of course after picking up three copies, I still need more. Specifically, one of the first press copies on pink vinyl, and ideally about three more grey copies, as the 'grey' seems to range from grey to purple to blue to yellow. The problem is that the pink and grey copies were sold by the band on tour, so as well as being pressed in lower quantities, they don't pop up too often. So I could be chasing this one for quite a while.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Blue Scene

Yet another Dinosaur Jr 'Freak Scene' 7" for the collection. This one is on clear blue vinyl, and has a small hole.

There isn't much more I can say about this record. Every time I post one, it gets harder and harder to find some words to talk about it.

This here is the 5th version of this 7" that I own. Red, purple, grey, clear and now blue. And if you're the kind of person who reads this blog but doesn't like Dinosaur Jr, then you can relax, because there are only two more versions of this thing that I don't have. One is the test press, and the second is a mythical yellow vinyl copy that nobody has ever seen. So there probably won't be too many more of these posts in future.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Blue Bold

So I recently decided that I wanted a Bold 7" with a blue cover. It's funny, but for years I thought that the blue cover looked cheap and inferior to the maroon cover, but then over time I started to appreciate the blue cover more. It finally reached a point where I REALLY wanted one. So I started to look. I wanted one for a low price and in good condition, and it took a lot longer than I expected, but eventually eBay came good.

The reason this is tough to find in good condition is that the sleeve is flimsy as hell. The maroon cover is printed on a thick cardstock, but the blue is on a really thin glossy paper. This kind of paper creases very easily. You can see a couple of very small creases at the top of my copy in the photo above, but only because the angle reflects the light. In these photos, you can't realy see anything:

It's funny, but as much as I used to hate the blue cover, I now think it looks better. And I think it would sit better alongside the 'Speak Out' LP.

On a different note, however, did anyone ever wonder why the band name / logo on the front cover isn't centrally alligned, either vertically or horizontally? It just looks stupid to me, especially when you see two copies next to each other. Annoying.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

The Door

It's been a while since I won this one. A test press of the Casket Lottery 7" entitled 'The Door', released by No Sleep Records back in 2012. What was cool about this one was that I snagged it on eBay and I was the only bidder. I can't remember how much the auction ended at, but I THINK it was $0.99. Including postage, I got it for just under $7, which isn't bad considering I had bid on a couple of these in the past and been outbid.

As you can see, this comes in a a standard label sleeve. Kind of a good idea in one sense, but also kinda dull.

Monday, 7 August 2017

All I Need

Back in 2012 BEWARE were the thing. I was late to the party and only actually got around to listening to them in 2014, but I quickly realised what the fuss was about. They sounded a lot like Chain Of Strength for the modern age, and hopes were high that they would crank out at least as many records as Chain... although, as time has shown, that didn't happen. Their discography consists of a demo, a 7" and then some cassette release. In my world, that amounts to one release because demos and cassettes don't count.

Well anyway, I picked up some more copies of their 7", to the point where I now have a half decent collection. I picked them all up from the same seller, which is a nice and convenient way of collecting, and a little more postage-costs friendly.

First up is the pre-release version of the US pressing, on Back To Back Records. There's nothing more hardcore than a record blank labels in a photocopied sleeve. Numbered out of 100 copies.

Next is the limited first press colour vinyl version of the US pressing. Purple vinyl out of 100 copies.

The third copy I picked up is this test pressing of the Euro pressing on Control Records.

Adding these three to the two copies I already had, as I mentioned, I now have a half decent collection of this record. Technically I am missing three black vinyl pressings, but I have zero intention of picking those up. So unless I get offered a test press of the US pressing, this one ends here.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Keep The Quarter

Last year Mike went through a phase of picking up records by forgotten 90s bands, one of which was Sparkmarker. As often happens, when I read posts by fellow bloggers it influences me to listen to the same stuff. So I spent a little time reacquainting myself with Sparkmarker, and of course ended up realising that there was a record of theirs that I was missing. The split 7" with The Mystery Machine on blue vinyl, to be exact. So when one eventually popped up for sale this year, I grabbed it.

This 7" comes on two colours of vinyl - clear and blue. The clear was the one that I picked up back when this came out. The blue I knew existed, but had never actually seen until I bought this.

I always had it in my head that there were 500 of each colour made. Not sure if I'm imagining this. But it felt that the blue was rarer based on the fact that when I decided that I wanted one recently, there were none for sale, versus several clear copies. But of course, now that I have one, there are two for sale on discogs. Typical.

Monday, 24 July 2017

The Miracle Drug Demo

Being older, it's always nice to hear about other older dudes starting new bands. For one, it's cool to hear that could be cool new music from people whose music I have enjoyed in the past. But also, it's good to know that I'm not the only old dude still enjoying this shit at the age I'm at. So when I heard a song by The Miracle Drug a coupe of years ago, which was rad, and then heard that it was older dudes, I was interested.

Last year Trip Machine Laboratories released The Miracle Drug demo as a 7", and I jumped on the pre-order to ensure I got the most limited version, which was this clear orange vinyl copy, hand numbered out of 102 copies:

Of course, the label pressed other colours too, and offered all three as a bundle. I couldn't help myself. The white vinyl copy probably matches the artwork the best, and is out of 147 copies. Mine also has a bit of black streaking going on which makes it even more interesting.

And finally the 'clay' vinyl out of 252 copies.

So what is this like? Well, it's good. Can I describe what it sounds like? No, not really. But follow the link above to their bandcamp page and check it. The band features Matt Weider on guitar (who was in Mouthpiece, and also Automatic) and Thommy Browne (Enkindel, By The Grace oF God, and every other Louisvile band you can think of) and a couple of other guys whose names i am less familiar with. But with their debut LP about to drop courtesy of War Records, you still have time to catch up before you get left behind.

Monday, 17 July 2017

Swapping Spit

One of the great thing about collecting Dead By 23 records is that there isn't much competition these days, especially for some of the releases. Case in point, this No Rights 7" that I scooped up on eBay for a few dollars.

This red sleeve version was made a few years ago for some festival. I think it was This Is Hardcore, probably in about 2011 or so. There were als six Down To Nothing 7"s made with a red sleeve too which were sold at the same event. I'm not 100% on this, but I'm guessing that these were some leftover copies that Robby made sleeves for and sold at the show. It's numbered on the back of the sleeve. This one is 13/18.

I think this is the 5th or 6th copy of this one that I have now. With hindsight I should probably have taken the collection out for a photo to make this post more interesting. Ah well.

Sunday, 16 July 2017


I'm still playing catch up on last year. One release that I just flat out missed was the Red Hare 'Lexicon Mist' 7" that Dischord put out. I don't really remember why I didn't order it at the time it came out. But soon enough the first press on clear vinyl sold out and that was that. But when the second press on gold came out at the start of the year, I was quick off the mark.

I always liked when the inside of a sleeve is printed with a picture. Reminds me of a Mudhoney 7".

Given I've only actually gotten this recently, I've also only just gotten around to listening to it. Unsurprisingly, it's great.

At the same time as ordering the Red Hare 7", Dischord also put out a third pressing of the S.O.A. demo 7" on yellow vinyl, so I was forced to grab that too.

Three pressings in and I'm already hoping that there will be a fourth. Time will tell I guess...

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Counting Vices

I had pretty bad luck with the debut LP by World Be Free last year, with three copies getting lost in the post. But after some help from a friend, and the internet, I re-collected them. And now, finally, I have the second press copies that I was lacking. There were two versions from the second press - black (out of 200, but only 100 in the regular sleeve):

Aand 558 on clear vinyl:

That's now 6 copies of this record now. But I simply cannot muster the energy to get all of them out for a group photo. The light here sucks and I seem to have to take every photo at least 3 times over, so if I took 6 records out for a photo and then had to do it all over again, I'd probably end up throwing them out the window. So best save the hassle.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Build & Destroy

So I'm not exactly down with Lockin' Out. I don't have the full catalogue of releases. But there are a lot of people who are really into whatever they put out and, as such, the limited colour vinyl pressings usually sell out damn quick. At some point last year everyone was suddenly talking about some band called Build & Destroy and I had no idea what the fuck was going on. It then turned out that this was a new band that featured dude from RZL DZL. When I found out I had to listen to it, and goddamn, I loved it immediately. I then had to track down colour copies of both 7"s, which I did, and then they got lost in the post. So a year later, I found them both again.

The first 7" is their 'Demo 2010'. These were pressed on clear purple vinyl, although mine is mainly clear with a little whisp of purple thrown in.

I'm sorely tempted to also try to pick up a purple one too. I bet there are quite a range of colour variants of this one out there, and it would be cool to have a couple of them.

The second 7", and first 'proper' release, is the 'Map Of The Heavens' 7". This one also comes on purple vinyl, but a dark, solid purple that looks almost black.

The biggest disappoinment of the last ten years for me was that RZL DZL fizzled out, so I really hope these guys keep at it long enough to crank out a full length. These songs are all great and I need more.